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In the name of Housekeeping, I will punish you!



A couple pieces of housekeeping for your pleasure;

  • I now have a Tumblr blog of the same name as this one. It’s essentially a non-stop string of gifs of Usagi, and you can find it at – there’s an RSS feed of it on the sidebar for something to look at
  • I now also have a Twitter account, @PrettySProject, the feed of which you can also find on the sidebar. It’ll be blog updates, photos and general Sailor Moon tat. Expect any fresh news about the Sailor Moon 2013 reboot supposedly set for this winter to appear there
  • Both the Tumblr and Twitter accounts are managed by my diagnosable sister. She is planning guest posts on this blog about social commentary on Japan, where she currently lives. I apologise unreservedly for her content

That’s pretty much it. I’ve started a new job (marketing – finance marketing no less. I’ve become what I fear most), hence why I’ve been a little slow on writing up new episodes, but I don’t see this greatly inhibiting the number of posts from here on out.

The first series is close to moving on to the next stage of the overarching plot, so keep tuned for more undeserved abuse to be hurled at poor Naru-chan.

Hey, if you’re a Sailor Moon fan, or even if you’re not (if so I’m at a loss as to why you’re on this website), spread this thing around. Sheesh, considering I work in marketing I’m terrible at selling my own stuff.

Bye or whatever,



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