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1:27 – Love for Ami!? The Boy Who Can Predict the Future

Alternative Title: A Wet Drip for a Wet Drip

First Aired: 10th October 1992


Ami-chan, shockingly, has come runner-up in the mock exams! The top of the table with a perfect score is one Ryo Urawa, who also appears to be in love with Ami. Oh yeah, he’s also totally psychic, and knows only too well that he is, in fact, a Rainbow Crystal. Ryo doesn’t do too well trying to resist Zoisite, and Sailor Mercury must keep him safe, but it’s soon Sailor Mercury who must be kept safe from Ryo. Dun dun duuuuuun!

I really like this episode. Ami doesn’t get a whole lot of storylines that focus on her, so it’s nice to see a weird romance between her and wet-drip Ryo. I actually think that they’re perfect for each other. It does get a little freaky in a couple of places (Ami shows a little too much skin than I can comfortably talk about without looking like Sailor Pervert) but despite a lack of imagination in the execution, this is a great episode of the Rainbow Crystals arc.

I love this opening. You'll notice that it's the Earth up there. What wonderful fantastical imagery

I love this opening. You’ll notice that it’s the Earth up there. What wonderful fantastical imagery

The first thing you’ll notice about this episode is that the opening has changed! This is understandable – Sailor Jupiter has now joined the Senshi, and must be fairly represented. It’s a great opening, not as heavily stylised as the first, but with beautiful and mysterious imagery that hints at the direction the series is taking.



Also who the hell is THAT!? (Just kidding I totes know who that is.)

Scene one, minute one, second one starts with exposition in the Dark Kingdom, with Queen Beryl recapping the whole Rainbow-Crystals-hidden-in-random-people-why-is-there-a-boomerang-on-my-head thing.

"Seriously, it's not a goddamn boomerang"

“Seriously, it’s not a goddamn boomerang”

She’s a little pissed off that Tuxedo Kamen managed to swipe one of the crystals right from under Zoisite’s cute button nose (I just threw up in my mouth paying him a compliment), but Kunzite manages to smooth the whole thing over, promising that they can mug Tuxedo Kamen down a dark alley some other time.

Our favourite nerd Ami is walking along, minding her own business (actually she’s reading while walking, which is a great way to fall down a manhole), when some CRAZY LUNATIC comes running and yelling after her. Naturally Ami stops, presumably to fetch the pepper spray out of her school bag to melt this pervert’s eyeballs, but instead…




BAM! I love this bit. The animation of that poorly-secured girder crushing the truck is beautiful, and the moment is genuinely thrilling. We’ve never seen non-supernatural danger to any of the girls – something so mundane as a construction site mishap threatening Ami seems almost too real for comfort.

Anyway, the boy who distracted Ami, and stopped her getting lobotomised by a girder, has run off. The plot thickens.

She's so shocked right there. Well, more "mildly surprised" really

She’s so shocked right there. Well, more “mildly surprised” really

At school, Ami has totally forgotten that she almost just died, and the mid-term test results are out. Like many Japanese schools (traditionally the stereotypical ones in animes) the results of the entire school are plastered up, in order, presumably to shame those who performed badly into studying harder.

My guess is that this instead produces children with low self-esteem, but Japan just loves low self-esteem.

Two of those failing kids are Usagi (#203 in the school) and Makoto (#201). Their comiserations for each other are oddly touching. It’s rough to be dumb in the Japanese school system.

I love their reactions

I love their reactions. This team aren’t too creative with their art, but they’re really good at comical expressions

The girls are shocked to see that Ami-chan hasn’t ranked first like she usually does (she’s one point off perfect), but Ami remains philosophical and vows to “try harder” than the 99.875% (that’s the actual percentage, I used a CALCULATOR and everything) she got on the test.

Usagi’s reaction is, as usual, priceless.

As do I, Usagi, and it saddens me every single day

As do I, Usagi, and it saddens me every day

The boy who got the perfect score was, naturally, the boy who saved Ami’s life that very morning, Ryo Urawa. He blushes furiously when Ami waves hello to him, and runs off in that typical “Oh I’m an innocent shy boy in an anime, I’m going to run off without saying anything like a freak” thing.

He's running to the toilet

He’s running to the toilet

You know the thing, don’t lie.

Usagi’s Spidey Sense is tingling, and she seems to be hatching a cunning plan…

Urawa is on the roof, staring at a newspaper clipping of Ami’s academic achievements, and remembers sitting a test next to her. He’s furiously erasing something when the eraser slips out of his hand and flies towards Ami. She hands it back to him and tells him to relax a little and BAM.

I'd laugh at him for falling in love so easily, but it's Ami so I completely understand. JOKES she's not my type.

I’d laugh at him for falling in love so easily, but it’s Ami so I completely understand.


It’s that easy, apparently.

Sadly for Urawa, his reverie is cut short by the shrill accusation of Usagi, who has noticed that he’s holding a cutout of Ami. Her over-the-top attitude of teasing is really rather embarrassing for Urawa. He planned to tell Ami how much he wanted to.. butter her bread (the clinical term) once her beat her in an exam (that’s a weird goal, isn’t it? This guy’s a nutjob), but admits that his test result wasn’t real because he simply guessed what was on the exam.

"You're a squirmy little freak ain'tcha? I'm totally going to set you up with my friend"

“You’re a squirmy little pervert ain’tcha? I’m totally going to set you up with my friend”

Again, weird. I’m not going to pretend to understand his motivations. He looks down into the school yard this point to watch Ami play ball and we get a rather weird shot of our Ami-chan…

That's a little bit more skin than strictly necessary

That’s a little bit more skin than strictly necessary

Remember this moment for later in the episode, yeah?

Usagi takes it on herself to play cupid for Urawa, as is her wont, when he suddenly warns her to be careful around water that day. Usagi pauses, confused, when a janitor throws a bucket of water all over her.


Ok, I have a big problem with this. First of all, it wouldn’t have happened without Urawa’s interference, so it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Second, what the fuck is this janitor doing? Why would you throw water onto the roof right in front of the stairwell.

Whatever I’m not going to pretend to understand the janitor’s motivations either.

That evening, Rei and Mamoru seem to be on a shitty date. Rei is hanging off his arm while he’s thinking real hard about being Tuxedo Mask and all that Rainbow Crystal stuff.

Poor Rei

“I hope my erectile dysfunction doesn’t inhibit our relationship”

Ladies, if you’re with your boyfriend and he’s making this face, I suggest you run away.

"When I get home I'm going to eat the shit out of that KitKat I've been saving"

“When I get home I’m going to eat the shit out of that KitKat I’ve been saving”

I feel a bit sorry for Rei at this point. She clearly likes Mamoru far more than he likes her. He’s dating a 14-year-old girl and treating her like she doesn’t exist. What a dick.

I like Mamoru, but sometimes it’s hard to defend him when you take a step back.

Meanwhile, Usagi has coerced Urawa to treat her to ice-cream soda under the pretense of helping his situation with Ami. Like a pimp, she hands him a photo. It’s none too flattering, but as Usagi says, Ami looks sort of nice with that silly look on her face.

"Sweet, I'm going to photoshop this later"

“Sweet, I’m going to photoshop this later”

Urawa, the pervert, is thrilled. Luna notices that Usagi’s Moon Stick is glowing, and suspects that the boy is a Rainbow Monster, as if you hadn’t already guessed.

Just to cement the fact, we get a shot of Zoisite staring at a large projection of Urawa while stroking the Black Crystal in a provocative manner. Reading into things, am I, dear reader? What about this shot:

"Mmmmm. Warm."

“Mmmmm. Warm.”

Zoisite goes-a-stalking for Urawa (he blows him a kiss. It’s a little uncomfortable). Urawa shocks Zoisite by revealing that he knows his name and why he’s come.

As it happens, Urawa is clairvoyant, as if you hadn’t guessed that either, and has seen himself transform into a Rainbow Monster. He’s not keen on this plan, and decides that being an emotional loon is enough to save him from this fate.

You can see the future and this is the plan you came up with?

You can see the future and this is the plan you came up with?

As it turns out, this doesn’t work, and Zoisite begins to attack him anyway. I can’t say that I have a great deal of respect for Urawa.

Fortunately, Usagi and Ami walk around the corner just in time. Seriously, what the fuck are the odds?

"Hey that guy's hitting on my boyfriend!"

“Hey that guy’s hitting on my boyfriend!”

My favourite moment is when Luna’s heckles are raised. This is exactly how my cat looks when my sister tries to put clothes on him.



[Transformation sequence, cue battle music]

With Sailor Moon distracting Zoisite, Sailor Mercury carries Urawa off. Seriously, she’s got muscles.

Where does she take him? The freaking park, of course, where else does anyone go in the bloody anime!? Dabbing his forehead with some disgusting pond water, Sailor Mercury is taken aback when Urawa calls her Ami-chan. How on Earth could he see through her “disguise”!?

"...What smells like Cholera?"

“…What smells like Cholera?”

Thankfully, he passes out into a prophetic dream. Did I say prophetic? I meant erotic and deeply, deeply troubling. Remember, this is a kid’s show.



I’m going to spoil it now: this doesn’t happen, therefore Urawa isn’t telling the future, therefore he’s a pervert.

After he wakes up, he explains to Sailor Mercury how he’s psychic, how he cheated on the tests and also how he knows that she’s really Mizuno Ami.

Her response is just to completely stonewall him. It’s hilarious.

"Uhhhhh OK but you know your disguise isn't... you know what, never mind it's not worth the effort"

“Uhhhhh OK but you know your disguise isn’t… you know what, never mind it’s not worth the effort”

In the middle of a Sailor Mercury speech about creating your own future and all that, Zoisite thankfully turns up to turn Urawa into…



Bunbo, the “school supplies Rainbow Monster” which is a set of four nouns that should never go together. His attacks are all based around, like, protractors and compasses and things like that. Even as a freakin’ monster Urawa is a wet drip.

The only thing he can say is Bunbo, which is a little like what Pokemon do, which is interesting to note. Zoisite orders him to attack Sailor Mercury, but instead Bunbo leaps over her and attacks Zoisite! Apparently it still has “the heart of a human” whatever that means.

I always like it when something undignified happens to Zoisite

I always like it when something undignified happens to Zoisite

All it takes is Zoisite to apply the Black Crystal to him once again and Bunbo is up chasing Sailor Mercury at low speed. Sailor Moon’s appearance… does nothing. Bunbo is too strong to be Refreshed.

Pretty sure you can just outrun this guy, he's a little chunky

Pretty sure you can just outrun this guy, he’s a little chunky

It takes Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter to distract Bunbo (and a lame Bubble Spray from Sailor Mercury) before Sailor Moon can use a weird new attack: the Electro-Shocking Moon Tiara Action. Seriously, where did this come from?



And you never see it again.

A Moon Healing Escalation later, and Bunbo is Refreshed back into Urawa. Even better, the Sailor Senshi has the Rainbow Crystal that was hidden inside of him. Now each of the Rainbow Crystal players, Zoisite, Tuxedo Kamen and the Sailor Senshi, have a crystal each.

Tuxedo Kamen watches from the shadows (actually he’s standing under a street lamp like a stalker), and walks off, not wanting to fight over the crystal with Sailor Mercury. He probably thinks she’ll Bubble Spray him and get his cloak all covered in mildew.

"Ahhh to hell with this, I was in the middle of a KitKat."

“Ahhh to hell with this, I was in the middle of a KitKat.”

I really like this on-going count of which team has how many Rainbow Crystals. It all comes back into play later, of course, and it’s a good link over the Rainbow Crystals arc.

All’s well that ends well, right? Urawa and Ami can settle down in loce and have super smart psychic babies, right?

You've been here 20 minutes

You’ve been here 20 minutes. Your Dad must be a hobo or something

Nope. Suddenly Urawa is moving away. Jesus, this is a uncreative trope. It’s like something out of Saved By The Bell. I have no idea why that’s the reference I went to.

Before he leaves, Ami gives him a “better” photo of herself to Urawa. It’s not better. It’s weird.

Gross. I prefer the hamburger photo

Gross. I prefer the hamburger photo

Not the best of images to freeze frame on.

Even worse is the new ending song. Princess Moon blows. I’ll explore why it blows in a second-by-second analysis some other time, but suffice it to say that Heart Moving was by far a better ending.

All in all a decent episode. Wasn’t brilliant, but enjoyable nonetheless. Memorable mainly for Ami’s love interest than anything else!

Episode Score: 3/5

Monster Score: 3/5 (Bunbo was kinda dumb, but not in the extraordinarily freaky way that Boxsy from last episode was.)

Naked-O-Meter: 87% Inappropriate 


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