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The reboot is called Sailor Moon Crystal, and here’s the first image

Things have been moving swiftly over at the official Sailor Moon page. After a bit of a stumble with a leaked image several hours before an official announcement, the website has finally been updated with the first reveal of the new Sailor Moon anime.

The reboot series has bee given the title of Sailor Moon Crystal, and it looks a little bit like this:

Sailor Moon Crystal reveal

OK. Deep breaths. Don’t want to freak out too much here.

First things first: it looks great. I was worried I wasn’t going to like the style, but as it turns out, I think it looks distinct enough from the original anime while still toeing the line of the manga.

Second: the name. Obviously Sailor Moon Crystal is a reference to the Ginzuishou (Silver Crystal) – you may also notice that it’s in the form of a flower in the promotional photo – this is the form it took in the manga.

You may also notice that the logo for Sailor Moon Crystal has a complete lack of any resemblance to the original Sailor Moon anime logo. With the art, the crystal shape, and the logo together, we can see that the producers are really trying to make their own incarnation of the Sailor Moon property.

All in all, I must say that this single image puts me very much in mind of the Sailor Moon manga, not only in style, but in composition. This is very much a look and a pose for Sailor Moon that Naoko Takeuchi would have drawn herself.

I enjoyed the first arc of the Sailor Moon manga, but thought that the anime dealt with some major emotional issues far better. I’m hoping that they’re not too faithful to the manga, and take the opportunity to take a little creative license without offending the die-hard fans.

…that’s easy to achieve, right? …right?

Along with the name of the reboot, and the first image, comes a reiteration of the release date – July 2014. Remember – the series is being streamed worldwide with subtitles in multiple languages on streaming service NicoNico.

Very exciting! Glad to be able to have a venue to vent some of my excitement at seeing this photo. Really blew me away. It’s a wonderful promo and has really got me psyched for the series!

July can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned, future fans of Sailor Moon Crystal!

…unless they totally screw it up, of course.

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