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Housekeeping: Anticipation Edition

Just a couple of points to cover before we hit a period in time which I suspect will be rather frenetic. Sailor Moon Crystal airs 5th July 2014 on various platforms, including NicoNico, Hulu and Viz Media, and it’s scheduled for the first and third Saturdays of every month thereafter.

Sailor Moon Crystal - Sailor Moon, Luna, Tokyo Tower

Today (30th June), a special event in Japan took place in celebration of Usagi’s (fictional) birthday – it was an opportunity for the first episode to be given a sneak preview. I’ve been avoiding spoilers, but by all accounts the reaction was very good.

Rather excited about that. I’ll be posting spoiler-free reviews on the day of release, as well as including a short spoiler-ish discussion at the bottom of each post.

They also took the chance to post some new promo photos from the new series, which you can see at the bottom of this post, if you’re so inclined.

Aside from Sailor Moon Crystal, I have a couple more posts to finish off Sailor Moon R with, namely a series-in-review post (top 5 episodes, etc.) and a review of the Sailor Moon R film.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie DVD Cover

Before I get started on reviewing episodes of Sailor Moon S (another great series), I’ll be continuing reviews of the Black Moon arc of the Sailor Moon manga. I’ve never read it, so I’ll be interested to see where the manga and the anime intersected and differed.

And there you have it. My housekeeping done. I’m really enjoying writing this blog, it really has become a fun hobby. Let me take the time to say how much I appreciate visitors to this silly blog, and even more so for those leaving comments and engaging me in conversation.


If you feel like telling me how much you love my stupid opinions, you can find me on twitter at @PrettySProject. It shouldn’t be too hard to find my personal account too. Go do a bit of digging.

Now for some new photos!

Sailor Moon Crystal - Usagi and Luna meet 5 Sailor Moon Crystal - The 5 Inner Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - Ami Sailor Moon Crystal - Rei Sailor Moon Crystal - Makoto Sailor Moon Crystal - Minako Sailor Moon Crystal - Sailor Moon, Luna, Tokyo Tower Sailor Moon Crystal - Moon Tiara Magic Sailor Moon Crystal - Usagi meets Mamoru

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