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Sailor Moon Crystal to transform into the Black Moon arc in January

Well this was a rather unexpected announcement! The team behind Sailor Moon Crystal have confirmed that the current season of 28 episodes is, in fact, moving into the Black Moon arc in January. For anyone who has read the manga, this isn’t so unexpected, but the tasty treat they dropped was the first artwork for Sailor Chibi-Moon.

Take a look. It’s rather nice.

Sailor Moon Crystal - Sailor Chibi-Moon

The big eye-catch is, naturally, Sailor Chibi-Moon, who looks just as she did in the manga, and a tad younger than she was in the original anime series. You’ll also note that Chibi-Usa is, in fact, a Sailor Senshi at all; she didn’t achieve this status until season 3 in the original anime, although I actually found this spacing to be beneficial to the storyline.

I’m rather excited for this, although this is tempered somewhat by the fact that I’m not overly fond of the Black Moon arc in the manga. I hope they adapt it a little for Sailor Moon Crystal, otherwise they will have Sailor Mars, Mercury and Jupiter absent for about a quarter of the season.

You’ll also note form the poster that Sailor Moon is no longer sporting the Moon Stick, but rather the slightly more fancy yet a little more unwieldy Princess Moon Rod.

So there you have it. We can only hope that this season of Sailor Moon Crystal is successful enough to warrant another season, in which the Infinity Arc will be explored. I need my Crystal Uranus and Neptune!

Stay tuned for reviews of Sailor Moon Crystal as they are released.


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