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Hey, I’m on holiday

If you’re wondering where the updates are, I am currently on a little tour of Scandinavia. As I type this, I’m enjoying beer and pancake balls in a Danish cafe. It’s rather nice.

So I apologise, and promise that the next post will be the next Sailor Moon Crystal episode on the 6th December 2014.

Try to survive without me for a bit.

I can’t believe you guys actually visit this website and love you for it. Consistently amazed and overwhelmed that people actually read these reviews.

You make it all worth it. Thanks.



  1. I literally (literally) uttered a dramatic “NOOOOoooooOOooOoo!”. If this was a scene in Sailor Moon, I’d be falling down into the abyss of darkness until I evanesce. *Forever looking for the next page like a selfish little reader.*

    • “I can’t find the next page! Where is the next page?! WHERE IS IT?!” she cried as a heavy hand of a rather angry looking Rei smacked her down, right back to the real world. She lay there, questioning her life while face planting like a pro.
      Seriously though, have lotsa fun! *Fist bumps*

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