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The Mary Sue shot down Sailor Moon Crystal

Just a quick post to comment on the article by Victoria McNally on The Mary Sue that went up today. I’ve been enjoying her posts on Sailor Moon Crystal, and have agreed with her on nearly every point.

She will no longer be reviewing, or watching, Sailor Moon Crystal, and explained in a erudite manner exactly why the series has failed her.

And I have to agree yet again. It’s exasperating. I know there are many dedicated fans of Sailor Moon Crystal who are sick and tired of negative views flooding the internet, but alas, that’s more the fault of the show’s producers than the reviewers. More power to you, go love what you love.

I’m no longer enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal, and I have spent a number of episodes rolling my eyes. I will, however, continue to watch and review every week, but I suspect that without this website, I might have given up by this point.

Go read the article, it really is brilliantly phrased, and I feel her pain.

Yeah, pretty much this

Yeah, pretty much this


  1. I felt that Episode 14 gave me hope for the future of the series. I still do.

    I understand Victoria McNally’s desire to be done with the show though, and I would hate for her to keep forcing herself to review something she doesn’t like.

    I hope another writer can come along and cover it, but I’ll understand if no one at TMS wants to touch it.

  2. I understand the sentiment, it’s hard to review something that really just leaves you adrift in a sea of apathy so I’m happy that she’s dropping it when it’s not something she enjoys anymore. Though, for me, despite the story arcs for Crystal being inferior to the predecessors, I can’t help but feel like it has it’s merits.

    Detractors from the original anime –like a friend of mine– always say that the 90s anime’s not as good because it went against the story Naoko was creating, and that hers is the definitive version. So, I think Crystal is a version for people with that belief. Personally, I adore the original anime take on the Dark Kingdom arc and think for that particular arc it did the best of any version. But all versions have their pros/cons.

    I feel like the biggest complaints people seem to have are weirdly things that lots of people excuse in the manga for some reason. Like Naoko making Sailor Moon go suicide crazy when horrible things are too hard for her to bear or the facts that the inner senshi get less development than Usagi. But the Mary Sue article did point out some really good things about how the manga does convey a lot through very subtle character interactions that the scenes in Sailor Moon Crystal overlook.

    I really do have hopes that Crystal will improve with the new arc. I’m most curious to see how it will have the themes and content presented. For example, so far in Crystal we’ve yet to see one humanoid character straight-up murdered by a Sailor Senshi! In the manga Naoko was crazy about showing the bad guys get incinerated. I’m wondering if we’ll end up seeing the Ayakashi sisters and the rest of the Black Moon Clan straight up murdered. Also, kinda hoping that Crystal can have the Dark Kingdom arc without writing the rest of the senshi out for the big battle of the arc.

  3. I feel like the new series is doing great, despite the hiccups which cropped up in episode 12 and 13.

    I tried watching some Sailor Moon S the other day and couldn’t make it through a whole episode. Everything down from the character design (The girls are so chubby and ugly compared to the manga/Crystal), the animation and some really outdated music cues just make me cringe now. Personally, SMC has actually made me dislike the original anime.

    I was never really expecting to read glowing reviews on SMC here given your reviews lambasting the manga, but I’m glad you’re sticking it through. Your captions are entertaining at least ;)

    • Thanks for sticking with my reviews! I completely understand your take on both Crystal and S, and am thrilled that Crystal is being appreciated. Everyone having the same tastes would be a boring world.

    • How is the music outdated exactly? I mean I know it’s the 90’s, but I still find it enjoyable, along with other people who enjoy the anime. Outdated would mean something you’d never want to listen to, like Justin Beiber or something…ugh.

      I completely disagree with what your opinion, (complete opposite for me!) but respect it. But the way you said “chubby” kinda bothers me…what I mean is, it sounds disrespectful to people who are like that and can’t help looking that way.

      Luckily season 3 of Crystal is better.

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