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So I made a podcast…

Hi guys,

You may have noticed that my post rate has dropped over the last 2 weeks. While a single massive multi-thousand word post a week is probably reasonable, I’ll be getting back to my usual insane review rate soon.

My apologies!

Now, for the reason I have been lax in posting snide and snippy write-ups of the manga’s Infinity Arc: I have created a podcast, and it’s taking up waaay more of my time than I had originally expected.

Transformation Sequence is a podcast where myself and a couple of co-hosts watch and review an anime series every week. Apparently I felt the need to push even more of my ill-formed opinions onto the internet.

Episode 1 is a review of Another, a horror/mystery series that is enormously entertaining in a corny X-Files fashion.

You can find us in a couple of different ways. Subscribe by searching for Transformation Sequence on iTunes, visit our website, listen to us on SoundCloud or follow us on Twitter.

This is a really exciting project, and I’m really enjoying it, despite the effort it’s taking. I in shall no way be abandoning Pretty Soldier Project. If anything, I’m merely on this stupid show to promote my Sailor Moon content even more. The role of editing has fallen to me, and I suck at it, but as the weeks go on it’ll be quicker and quicker.

Go listen, and if you can stand it, leave a 5-star review on iTunes. That’ll help us enormously.

We will be taking about Sailor Moon quite a lot. Eventually. I would love for my regular Moonies to recommend any anime series or film you think would make for a good discussion too. Get in contact!

Thanks for your patience guys and, yes, that one on the right is me in cosplay. What can I say? Apparently I have a reputation as “that Sailor Moon guy.


“Tsukini kawatte oshiokiyo! Or whatever.”



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