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4:1 – Meeting of Fate! The Night where a Pegasus Flies

Alternative Title: Don’t Talk To Strange Horses

First Aired: 4th March 1995

Dead Moon Circus

Usagi and the Senshi are living peacefully, excited for the full solar eclipse that is to occur. In the shadow of the Moon, a strange entity appears in Tokyo, a circus where strange and malevolent creatures plot their capture of the “Pegasus”, currently hiding in the pure dreams of someone in the city. Chibi-Usa, meanwhile, has been having strange dreams of winged horses…

Trigger Warning: sexual assault. I don’t dwell on it, but the content of the show heavily implies a discussion on that topic is taking place.

Aaaaaand we’re back. Feels comfortable. Thanks for the wait, Sailor Moon Another Story took way more time to talk about than I thought. I hope these reviews of Sailor Moon SuperS will be worth it. So first things first, we’re now in 1995 at the height of Sailor Moon’s popularity. Sailor Moon S was a run-away success, achieving the highest ratings thus far, and that continued into SuperS, although it dipped a bit later on. 1995 was an insane year for anime, of course, with Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z and, of course, the incomparable Neon Genesis Evangelion setting their flag firmly in the soil.

As a matter of fact, Usagi’s seiyuu (voice actress), Kotono Mitsuishi, also starred as a central character in Evangelion, as Misato Katsuragi, the kick-ass captain.

In terms of cultural impact, Sailor Moon SuperS was about to set much less of an example as its competitors, but all that’s to come of course. I’ll say now that in the times I’ve watched SuperS, I haven’t enjoyed it as much as previous seasons, and in fact get pretty impatient by the end. We’ll have to see if this rewatch changes that.

Let’s begin, shall we?

We start in a rather beautiful opening. From a lovely shot of Tokyo at night, into a strange forest littered with crystals. I love this aesthetic. Very mysterious and draws you right in. We get a voice-over saying how the forest is crying, and he’s looking for… someone.

This level of care, along with the colour scheme, reminds me a lot of the early days of Sailor Moon. Gorgeous

This level of care, along with the colour scheme, reminds me a lot of the early days of Sailor Moon. Gorgeous

This takes the form of Pegasus. He looks markedly less terrifying than he does in the manga, which I’m thankful for.

Goddamn it, you can only have WINGS or a HORN, it's cheating to have both, dude

Goddamn it, you can only have either WINGS or a HORN, it’s cheating to have both, dude

Cut to horses neighing an an obvious-not-really-there echoey fashion, and Chibi-Usa now sleeping in her new room, the attic. You know, where all the little goblins are kept. Nice to see that she’s finally independent enough to stop sleeping in Usagi’s room. So our flying horsey friend appears to entering Chibi-Usa’s dream.

The colour festival continues. Not sure how they made an attic room so fantastical, but they've achieved it

The colour festival continues. Not sure how they made an attic room so fantastical, but they’ve achieved it

We get a rather cool scene of Chibi-Usa running through the streets in her pyjamas in a dream-like fashion, looking for the one calling her. Of course we know where she’s going to end up, the forest. And my this looks good. Definitely apart from anything we’ve seen before, I’m impressed. There is something vaguely… romantic about all this. It’s beautifully animated as Chibi-Usa sees Pegasus and blushes rather prettily like a girl in love.

You know, with a horse.

Who’s in her dream. Without her permission.

I’m not even going to explore the Jungian implications of there being a horn on Pegasus’ head in the dreams of an adolescent girl very much taken with him. Let’s leave that to the Greek play-writes for now.



Anyway, beautiful scene which I shan’t sully just yet anyway. Chibi-Usa reaches out to touch him and he bows his head, turning her into her Princess attire. Yeah this is totally meant to be romance. Bit gross. Pegasus disappears and warns Chibi-Usa to keep their meeting a secret, which is definitely not the first thing you say to a child upon first meeting them.

"Welcome to my -cough- forest -cough- sorry there's so much -sneeze- pollen."

“Welcome to my -cough- forest -cough- sorry there’s so much -sneeze- pollen.”

I love how this romantic scene cuts to Usagi looking severe, and a decidedly-less delicate-looking Chibi-Usa hugging a pillow in bed.

It’s an outing in, I think, Ueno Park in West Tokyo. Ueno has a raised section overlooking the city (Ueno literally means “raised”) much like this, although I don’t specifically recognise the location. We wee Makoto trying (and failing) to flirt with old Motoki. You remember this guy? The creepy douche who works at the arcade? Well he’s BACK.

They’re discussing the total solar eclipse, and even give us a wee scientific breakdown of what exactly an eclipse is. Thanks Sailor Moon, for remembering your audience are mostly young and stupid. Also me, a late 20s weirdo Otaku breaking down your kids’ programming in an obscene level of detail.

Usagi has a rather great moment where she warns, because of the similarity between the word “total” (kaiki) and the word “horror” (another kaiki), there will be horrifying things occurring. Upon further investigation, it turns out that Usagi actually believes this to be true rather than a joke. Kinda hard to explain why this is so funny, but I chuckled at her blankly confused face. We’re comfortably back in the swing of things.

Ahhh this is the Usagi I love... this is really making Crystal Usagi look bad.

Ahhh this is the Usagi I love… this is really making Crystal Usagi look bad.

In fact, it’s been so long since I reviewed an episode of Sailor Moon where anything relaxing and fun happens that I really appreciate the relationships between these girls and their performances. Even here, in the season I don’t particularly like so much, simply hanging around these characters feels strangely so much more weighty than anything in poor beleaguered Sailor Moon Crystal.

While spacing out on her new equine obsession, Chibi-Usa gets grilled by Unazuki, Motoki’s little sister. She made one appearance in Sailor Moon R, and another in Sailor Moon S. She’ll actually have more of a role in SuperS, as other side characters wind down or are eliminated entirely. I guess they just liked the energy and look she brought, having the only red hair of all recurring characters. Unazuki puts on a snide voice and warns Chibi-Usa not to do anything which would make her parents cry. Now that I think about that line… she’s like 10, Unazuki, Jesus. Evidently her -actual- parents feel the same.

Yeah, I'm actually thinking Unazuki's inclusion in the series is entire based on colour co-ordination

Yeah, I’m actually thinking Unazuki’s inclusion in the series is entire based on colour co-ordination

And the eclipse happens. Great shots of the whole of Tokyo coming to a standstill. Good job on the creep factor!


Sailor Moon: promoting eclipse eye-safety since 1992.

In the darkness, a weird structure falls from the sky. It’s the most insane and evil looking circus I’ve ever seen, all balloons and weird malevolent curves. A great ominous arrival, I love it. The only one to notice it is Usagi… everyone else just kinda ignores it. Whether this is some kind of magic, or a commentary on how “these Muggles don’t notice nuffink” I’m not sure. I love the look of this shot, great depth of field.

So many great shots! Such care with the art!

"Hey you guys see this obviously end-game castle that's suddenly appeared? No? Well alright then."

“Hey you guys see this obviously end-game castle that’s suddenly appeared? No? Well alright then.”

And then we go inside and HOLY FUCK THAT’S CREEPY. I hope you aren’t afraid of clowns. We have a brilliant introduction to the Dead Moon Circus through its demented inhabitants. They all chorus about how these damn Muggles don’t notice nuffink (oh there you go, we got an answer on that, humans are just stupid). Every one of these shots are fantastic.

"Screw the kids ever sleeping again." - animator on making this abomination

“Screw the kids ever sleeping again.” – animator on making this abomination

Now, these animations are so good they’re reuse them over and over again to the point where they no longer impress, but in the first episode here this is goddamn amazing. If I can throw out a personal opinion, the best of these Dead Moon performers is the creepy ballerina with a screaming bear’s head. Love you sweetie.

Black-Swan 2: Get the Cocaine

Black-Swan 2: Too Much Cocaine

The circus master appears and tells everyone to shut the hell up. This is the imminently disturbing Zirconia, who kinda looks like a cockroach and an old lady had a baby and left it soaking in formaldehyde. Note her name, another gem reference. Takeuchi just loves rocks doesn’t she? Zirconia announces their plans to take over the world (as you do), and summons the Amazon Trio.

"Your first mission is to get me some fucking moisturiser"

“Your first mission is to get me some fucking moisturiser”

Now I’m going to have to write a whole blog post on these guys, because they are… problematic to say the least. Tigers-Eye, Fish-Eye and Hawks-Eye. If it weren’t for the fact that these guys hang about the series way too long, and the fact that they’re used as an allegory for sexual predators, I might say that I really like them. It’s hard for me to like them considering their modus operendi though… Oh I should mention that despite all appearances and the voice actor, who is a lady, Fish-Eye is male. It’s cool to have another gay character around, we can only wait and see how he’s characterised…

Ok, so the basic bad-guy motivation is that the Amazon Trio need to find “someone” who is hiding in “beautiful dreams”. We can assume this is Pegasus, and we can also assume that checking “beautiful dreams” is pretty much identical to the old “Pure Heart” mechanic from Sailor Moon S.

I have a feeling I'm going to use the word "problematic" a LOT with these guys

I have a feeling I’m going to use the word “problematic” a LOT with these guys

See this is where it gets creepy from the get go. The Amazon Trio are sitting in an empty bar with sad jazz music in the background. I like this a LOT. Great place to see the antagonists get fleshed out, gives it a tongue-in-cheek edge to the evilness. Too bad that they’re pouring over photos of attractive women that they plan to assault. That’s fucking creepy, Sailor Moon. Fish-Eye is disparaging over Hawks-Eye and Tigers-Eye’s grossness… but as we discover this is only because he prefers attacking men.

Tigers-Eye’s tiger’s eye lands on a photo of Unazuki… getting that creepy vibe guys…



Unazuki, you might remember, works at the parlour above the arcade. This is where Usagi grills Unazuki about her supposed boyfriend in a rather funny scene, with Chibi-Usa trying to check out Unazuki’s pendant. As it turns out Unazuki isn’t dating the guy, she’s just a bit obsessed with him from a distance, thinking to herself that it’s probably not destined to be. Which is when Chibi-Usa fucking drops the mic with this line:

Listen, just because you’re a girl, it doesn’t mean you should wait for your prince to come on a white horse. Sometimes you have to get on your own white horse and go find your charming prince.”

“The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope. Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form! DOWN WITH THE BOURGEOISIE"

“The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope. Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form! DOWN WITH THE BOURGEOISIE”

Wow. Chibi-Usa is the smartest character in this show. See this is why I like her. When she’s good, she’s really bloody good. Usagi is left looking a bit suspicions that Chibi-Usa has been reading “Mama’s mature novels“, which one might take to understand is along the lines of 50 Shades of Grey. I laughed hard at this. Sailor Moon is so bloody good!

"What is this thing you call 'feminism', child?"

“What is this thing you call ‘feminism’, child?”

So Unazuki is stalked on the bus. This is way too real for me. Is this the show realising the dangers that young women face and are trying to educate them early on self-protection and their vulnerability? I don’t know. I’d like to think this is all self-aware, but I’m more inclined to think that they’re just very naive and don’t see this as anything out of the ordinary of an evil character in a kid’s anime. What do you think? I’d like to flesh out my opinion on this a little more.

This is too real, Sailor Moon. TOO REAL.

This is too real, Sailor Moon. TOO REAL.

Tigers-Eye steals Unazuki’s wallet to give it back to her as way of an introduction. He begins hitting on her in a very obviously gross manner.

Meanwhile, luckil, Chibi-Usa is dragging Usagi out at night, hunting for the forest she saw in her dreams. God this episode looks good. The colours! Even better is that both the girls’ outfits are super goddamn cute. They’re rocking the fashion so far. Since we’re spending so much time with Chibi-Usa and Usagi, this is making Usagi feel older than even in the previous series somehow. All a matter of perspective I suppose, but I think they’re treating Usagi as a well-rounded character at this point.

Which is worrying, because where is there for her to develop in this series? Will she have a character arc? We’ll see.

Who cares about character arcs when you look THIS STYLISH

Who cares about character arcs when you look THIS STYLISH

They two hear a scream. Monster time! Tigers-Eye attacks Unazuki with a whip, and acts like the worst kind of perverted park lurker. He has a rather cool transformation into his regular bad-guy outfit, a curtain pops down out of nowhere, and he reappears. It is, in fact, like everything these guys do, a circus act. I like that theme a lot, though I feel it might get stale. Tigers-Eye actually says “don’t worry, I’m no one suspicious“, Unazuki’s answer is obviously “you’re HELLA SUSPICIOUS.”

Usagi and Chibi-Usa arrive and transform off-screen as Tigers-Eye goes through the process of attacking Unazuki. As much as the end-result and intent kinda disgusts me, there is something cool about the style. He says 1, 2, 3, each number corresponding to a table appearing from nowhere, bindings holding the victim down, and a pink mirror appearing from the chest. I like the aesthetics of Sailor Moon SuperS a lot thus far.

I would have liked a different mechanism, to be honest. This is so close to "Pure Hearts" to be derivative

I would have liked a different mechanism, to be honest. This is so close to “Pure Hearts” to be derivative

Sailor Moon’s intro is now with Chibi-Usa, this entire series being a double-act. So get used to it.

"Blammo! Chibi-Moon is here to stay, haters!"

“Blammo! Chibi-Moon is here to stay, haters!”

Tigers-Eye summons the first monster-of-the-week, what he calls a “Remless”. What a great name, coming of course from Rapid Eye-Movement sleep associated with the dreaming phase of sleep. So literally these monsters are “dreamless”. That’s CLEVER.

This first is called Karakuriko, who looks… rather similar to another monster we saw in season 1… huh… this is decidedly less creepy though, and much more jovial in nature.

I love this shot, seeing Tigers-Eye shout orders through her stomach

I love this shot, seeing Tigers-Eye shout orders through her stomach

The two get owned fairly fast, of course they do. I must say it’s both sinister and hilarious to watch Sailor Moon having to dodge a blade coming out of a disembodied doll’s mouth.

Tuxedo Kamen saves the day, of course. I’m in a good mood today, so I shan’t say anything bad about him. Tigers-Eye certainly does however, commenting on Tux’s “womaniser’s outfit“. Tuxedo Kamen gets pretty pissed off about this. The two get in a whip/cane fight, which is honestly something I never thought I would see, which ends with Tigers-Eye binding Tux’s shadow to a tree. These Dead Moon guys are tricksy little Hobbitses, are they not my precious?

Always nice seeing Tuxedo Kamen fall into a trap. Which he does A LOT.

"Oh shit, I forgot that I've been essentially redundant since last season."

“Oh shit, I forgot that I’ve been essentially redundant since last season.”

Now shit gets SUPER CREEPY. Tigers-Eye finally looks inside Unazuki’s Pure Dream by shoving his head in. Unzauki is screaming for it to stop, as Tigers-Eye yells in apparent ecstasy at how beautiful it is in there. It looks as though he’s defiling her dream. My point is, this is fucked up and clearly an allegory for something unfitting for a kids anime. How intentional is this? I don’t know. I didn’t even see any of this the first time I watched Sailor Moon SuperS as a teenager, because I was so stupid. As an adult, I feel uncomfortable watching this.

Yet at the same time I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they’re trying to broach the subject of male entitlement and attempted dominance in a unique way. I’ll have to think about this more.

...the sense of violation here is palpable

…the sense of violation here is palpable

For now, as happy as he was in there, Tigers-Eye announces that Pegasus is not in Unazuki’s Pure Dream, but that he has to kill Unazuki anyway to eliminate a hiding space for Pegasus later on. That actually makes good sense. To bad he will, obviously, never manage to kill anything more than a gin and tonic at the bar.

Chibi-Moon, about to be killed by a pelvis, calls for help and A WILD PEGASUS APPEARS. I guess she was in the tall-grass.

"HEY GUYS! Have you been mis-sold PPI insurance? You could be eligible for compensation today. No?"

“HEY GUYS! Have you been mis-sold PPI insurance? You could be eligible for compensation today. No?”

Pegasus grants both Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon an upgrade into their Super forms! Blimey, he must have more power than the goddamn Grail from Sailor Moon S for that. This does cheapen that transformation somewhat… but I love the design and hey this is an anime, so go for it.

This was a really great shot. So much thought and imagination in the art direction today

This was a really great shot. So much thought and imagination in the art direction today

Super Sailor Moon gets a new weapon, because of course she feckin’ does, and she has this strange attack sequence. It’s definitely not an official attack, and it actually lasts for a couple of episodes before it’s named and given a whole sequence. This does look cool though, and a strange 0.5 foreshadowing version of the attack coming soon. Strange choice, but not unwelcome.

We do get the first STAGE-OUT, the thing the Remless shout as they die. From Refresh! to Cleansing! to Lovely!, there always has to be one. And I love it. Thematic and silly, a nice familiar motif. And Karakuriko dies, done and dusted.

"Well crap, how come I don't get any free junk, he's my imaginary dream horse."

“Well crap, how come I don’t get any free junk, he’s my imaginary dream horse.”

As Pegasus looks on giving total creeper eye, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen are just a bit shocked, but this is IT for Chibi-Moon, she’s completely hooked. She’s been charmed by a horse. So hard not to reference Jung…

As Pegasus disappears, both Senshi revert back to normal. I guess their powers are now directly dependent upon Pegasus appearing to save their ass, eh?

"... 'sup ladies."

“… ‘sup ladies.”

I love the music thats starts playing at the end of the episode. We see Chibi-Moon thinking about Pegasus and realising her meeting with him wasn’t a dream after all. And the Aurora hangs in the sky. Wow, what a pretty way to end the episode. You know, amongst the trans-species love.

Beauuutiful ending! The story was ho-hum but the artwork was incredible.

Beauuutiful ending! The story was ho-hum but the artwork was incredible.

And that’s that! Except for the end credits of Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute, featuring Chibi-Usa, love-forlorn, staring out across the city. It’s a beautiful sequence and a beautiful song that really feels like an upgrade of Tuxedo Mirage. I’ll get into it in a blog of its own.

As for the episode, I liked this a lot. Has a distinct vibe from the other series, looked great, creepy in places, downright disturbing in its references to sexual assault, but a strong opener. I’m very interested in seeing where this season goes!



Episode Score: 4/5 – the content is probably a 3, but the art is so lovely I think I’ll bump this up.

Monster Score: 2/5 – Karakuriko was ok. We’ve seen something similar, and she wasn’t that interesting.

Final Thought: Seriously, this season is going to focus on Chibi-Usa the whole way, isn’t it?

NEXT TIME: YOU GIRLS LIKE HORSES? WE GOT MORE HORSES FOR YA. Also a character from season 1 inexplicably returns. I guess the voice actor really needed work.


  1. I am about midway through the SuperS arc at this point,

    The new focus on Chibi-Moon does something interesting for this show, in that it takes the series back to an almost Season 1 feel. We’re back in the shoes of a protagonist who’s very young, immature, but has some qualities that give her potential to grow into her own as a character, The romantic plotline here is…squiffy…but if you disregard the obvious obstacle (rhymes with ‘course’), the relationship feels more real and believable than Usagi and Mamoru usually do.

    The bad guys: I have to say, visually speaking the Dead Moon Circus comes right out of left field. And…I kind of love it.

    Growing up with the Joker and Pennywise, I have an acute case of coulrophobia (fear of clowns), so the creeptastic aesthetics of the bad guys’ lair and the random psychotic creatures and faces are like something straight out of my nightmares.

    The Amazon Trio are creepy and disgusting and I dislike them violently — but just like Saphir and Nephrite, their ending makes me finally experience something akin to sympathy. Which is weird, because their actions are some of the most realistically heinous of the entire show.

    Zirconia and her mysterious boss are VERY interesting. If the Dead Moon Circus had skipped the Trio and gone straight on to them and their later subordinates, I’d be a LOT more interested in them.

    As it is, I like how diametrically opposite these villains are to S3’s Death Busters. Germatoid/Tomoe, Kaolinite, and the Witches 5 all had this kind of hard-science/black magic vibe to them (except for Mimete, who might have fit better with this lot than the DB) that made them easy to take seriously as threats, but also had this sociopathically practical streak to them (so I heard you like Eugeal).

    With the Circus? Practicality goes right out the window. From the creepy seduction tactics to the outlandish Remless (GREAT name BTW) to the bizarre costumes and hairstyles of LITERALLY EVERYONE, it’s all ridiculous, and over-the-top, and kind of wonderful for it.

    Unfortunately, that discarding of practicality also extends to Our Heroines. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon’s new triple-tech with the horse is attractive enough the first couple of times, but after a certain point in the show I think I was expecting the other Inner Senshi to finally step up and start finishing off the bad guys themselves again.

    So…yeah. So far this series isn’t without its problems, but the overarching feel, the mystery, the mythos, and the romance (however creepy) are pretty nifty.

    • I agree with all your points, especially as far as the Inner Senshi are concerned. It’s ridiculous how long into the series it gets before they are given new attacks and the Super upgrade. Thankfully they’re given a lot of attention this series, it’s as though they wanted to get back to basics and focus on the core characters, but many of their storylines involve random strangers who we’re suddenly told are long-lost friends. It’s strange, but I just feel as though, while the Dead Moon are infinitely fascinating antagonists, the scenario writers for each episode are more concerned pumping out the status quo than doing anything challenging. This is much more episodic than previous seasons.

  2. I’ve always disliked Super S, most of it has turned Chibi-Usa into a girl that’s incredibly more mature than the other senshi, and episode plots that are way too silly and childish, even for Sailor Moon. Now, one thing about Sailor Moon in general, not just Super S, is how every season there is a new ultimate power of the universe McGuffin’ involved. First, it’s the Silver Crystal, then the Holy Grail, now it’s Pegasus. Well, I guess it’s like that in most animes anyway.

    • I think SuperS is the series where the formula is beginning to wear itself out. Dream Mirrors are so similar to Pure Hearts, and they spend so long in this rinse-repeat fascination with all these weirdo stranger targets that it gets stale quickly. Then again, I tend to binge-watch this show, which is wasn’t intended for.

  3. Ugh, not a huge fan of Super S mainly due to chibi usa, the rather ridiculous new scouts and the absence of the outers. (Why didnt they make mini segments where they showed them solving mysteries? I watch the hell out of that) Also you hit the nail on the head with the trio, I could not put my finger what exactly was wrong with them but they definitely have the pedo/stalker thing especially that one episode with fish eye. Although I do have problems with this season, I would like to see your dissection of the episodes so looking forward to that. :)

    • I actually like Chibi-Usa a lot in this series. As a depiction of the cusp of adolescence, it comes through. Her surprisingly mature insights contrasts well with the frivolity of Usagi, as much as I love that too. I also think, on paper, eschewing the Outer Senshi to refocus on the Inner Senshi is a good one. It keeps the Outers at arms length, making them mysterious and giving the moment they return all the more oomph in Stars. In practice though, I’m constantly wishing Haruka and Michiru would turn up.

      They were given a special in which, I believe, they face off against a curse ventriloquist doll, but I’ve never seen it. I think it’s the same one where Sailor Moon defeats a vampire by eating a ton of garlic and not brushing her teeth.

  4. Finally glad we’re getting to the SuperS episodes, both here and on Hulu. I saw them fansubbed oh-so-many years ago…on bootleg VHS quality- which is to say, they probably caused permanent eye damage. My opinion of it is that SuperS isn’t nearly as bad as “Sailor Moon” fans disparage it so (conversely, “Sailor Stars” doesn’t deserve any of the praise it gets). But one thing I really disliked about SuperS is they really dropped the ball with regard to pacing. I thought the original season and R were paced wonderfully, while S went a bit far with filler. But, in SuperS, nothing of major importance happens until close to the end. Other than that, it’s only other crime is that it is the first time I actually the prefer manga “Dream Arc.” Just one more arc to go, “Sailor Moon Crystal”!

  5. I know many will disagree with this, but statistically speaking, SuperS has as many grade A episodes as S season – except that S has far less weak episodes than SuperS.

    This was a very eccentric season when it comes to quality, with the level of writing dropping and jumping all out of a sudden, from episode to episode. However, black and white perspectives are not helpful (as this website showed, even S season had weak episodes, like number 98 and 107) and that should be kept in mind in SuperS as well: people tend to oversimplify things and present it in a negative light, when in fact it had some fantastic moments.

    This is just my opinion, however, and I should allow for a plurality of opinions. Of course, I cannot wait to see the complete review of this season, from episode to episode.

  6. ” having the only red hair of all recurring characters.”

    Poor Naru, even a guy reviewing every episode of the series doesn’t remember her.

    Anyway, I really found the Amazon Quartet to be one of the best things about the season. But we’re not there yet, Tiger’s Eye’s whole gimmick wore thin by the 786 epsiode of him doing the same thing.

  7. You made a good point that didn’t occur to me at the time… it really is kinda lame for Pegasus to just show up out of nowhere and casually give Usagi more power than the freaking Holy Grail from last season. This power upgrade should have been set up better, it should have been more meaningful.

    As for Remless, I don’t think the REM and dream comparison was intentional. The author was referring to these spirits of the dead:

    But you know what, Remless is such an awesome name and maybe even an improvement, I have no problem with it being subtitled that way.

    As for the similarity between the Dream Mirror and rape… yeah there’s no ignoring it. And it’s made worse by the fact that they always gain the trust of the victim before betraying them first, it’s pretty messed up. But don’t forget… THESE ARE THE BAD GUYS. They have bad intentions and they do bad things, and put themselves before others. I don’t mind that the bad guys aren’t perfectly goal oriented (like how the Witches 5 only cared about finding the right pure hearts, they weren’t interested in the victims).

    The problem is, the tone of all of this would be fine in a more serious series. But instead they decided to combine this more severe attack method with wacky enemies and comedic fight scenes. Remember what Makoto did with Supreme Thunder in the penultimate episode of the first season? Yeah, now they use it for a gag attack where she fries herself and her allies and they turn into crispy black cartoon characters with huge eyes.

    It’s just a weird choice. If the season isn’t that serious, then why not just have all of the victims be unconscious? Why do they have to scream in pain as someone penetrates the mirror? It’s not that evil things can’t happen to people in a work of fiction… but can these situations make a little more sense please? The show handled stuff like this perfectly in the first 3 seasons.

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