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Pretty Soldier Project is 2 Years Old!

Hey hey! Wow, would you  look at that? Two years of my life has just flown by thanks to this ridiculous blog. And I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve slowed I’ve slowed down a bit in terms of pace, which is a good thing, because I was burning through the subject matter real fast. Now I actually have a job, and a podcast, and am a little but obsessed with Final Fantasy XIV which I’ve been playing solidly for about 20 months now, but I’m keeping up.

God knows what I’ll do when I’ve finished all of Sailor Moon. Probably just move onto another Shojou anime. Any die-hard Cardcaptor Sakura fans out there?

I like numbers. Here are some stats.

  • This is the 236th blog entry on Pretty Soldier Project.
  • I estimate that I’ve written about 587,500 words on Sailor Moon.
  • Between watching the episodes, taking notes, screencapping, writing the blogs and thinking up hilarious picture captions, I estimate that I’ve spent around 850 hours on this website.

Here are some stats from WordPress, too. They’re remarkably round: today the site had its 100,000th view, which seems appropriate. That’s from over 21,000 visitors, which means that there are a lot of Sailor Moon fans out there eager to read utter drivel on the topic they love. Either that or it’s just one very eager fan with a huge number of IP addresses.


Best of all is the day and time my blog is most popular: Monday at 2am. This is probably more of a sign of my large American audience, but I do like the idea of some crazed Otaku slinging back the Red Bulls and feverishly moving from blog post to blog post. If that is you, then welcome, and I applaud you.

Guys, I couldn’t have done this and remained sane without my fantastic and devoted readership. Thanks so much for continuing to visit Pretty Soldier Project, and I hope you’ll look forward to more cynical and self-involved reviews. Seeing the stats tick ever upwards makes this all worth while.




  1. Happy anniversary!

    I really do love coming to this blog for the updates as I catch up with the show. I never thought I’d get *ahead* of the reviews, but at least now I can read them without fear of spoilers (except for Another Story because my progress in that game can be likened to that of a dehydrated snail on salty gravel).

    As for other shoujo anime? Well…Sakura was my first-ever anime that I watched to completion and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on it. Also, in keeping with Magical Girl anime, there are two others that I feel your scrutiny could be applied to: Slayers and Puellla Magi Madoka Magica. PMMM, however, is a dark and vicious deconstruction of many of the tropes found in Sailor Moon, so that might be a bit more intense than you’re looking for.

    • I do feel a bit guilty that you’ve caught me up!
      I’ve heard amazing things about PMMM, and plan to review it on the podcast in a few months, so I think I’ll write a big piece on it then. Intense is good, the more emotion an anime can wring out of me the better…
      Thanks so much for continuing to visit!

  2. You have created an amazing website and I love your cynical remarks but also your in depth reviews.

    Please keep up the good work.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Wow I just Happy Birthday-ed a blog.

    I literally check this blog every week since I found it around this time last year, I pop in to read Sailor Moon R reviews after I’ve watched them on the Blu-Ray to see what you thought, the Another Story was again, amazing for a lazy person who never got past Chapter 5.

    Especially enjoying your run on SuperS as I also haven’t seen that season since the Pioneer DVDs and have forgotten almost all of it. As others have mentioned PMMM is an amazing one to cover, and I myself am *slowly* getting through Cardcaptor Sakura so I’d be well up for that.

    That Monday 2am may well have been me at least at one point hehe.

    As a UK Sailor Moon fan it’s so refreshing to see a blog by a fellow UK Moonie, so CARRY THE F**K ON my man. ^_^


  4. This website in unique. I always wished someone would review and analyse every episode of this anime, just like there are several websites dedicated to other shows (Outpost-Daria comes to mind, for instance), and was amazed when I found this by pure chance a month ago. This one warrants a thesis on Sailor Moon in film class.

  5. I’ve been enjoying both Sailor Moon and your reviews (and the Sailor Moon-unrelated podcasts).
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

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