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A podcast review of Sailor Moon Crystal (Part 2)

I hope the first part of our Sailor Moon Crystal podcast review whet your appetite, because Part 2 has now gone live on Transformation Sequence! This podcast covers episodes 13 – 26 of Sailor Moon Crystal, covering the Black Moon arc. I thoroughly recommend listening to Part 1 first, as we just jump straight into the action.

Not to bury the lead, but my feelings on Sailor Moon Crystal haven’t changed a whole lot since my first viewing. This review was based on the 3rd or 4th run through of the entire series, and I have to admit level of dissatisfaction from the venture. That’s not to say there aren’t admirable episodes or moments, but you’ll have to listen to the review for those.

I also thoroughly recommend visiting special guest Anne Lee’s blog Shojo Power!, who has become my Close Personal Friend thanks to the wonders of Twitter and Sailor Moon. She recently got married in a look inspired by Neo Queen Serenity. I’m insanely jealous. I don’t have the figure for a dress, I’m afraid.

As for those Sailor Moon SuperS reviews that I have been neglecting? I’ll get back to them this week, I PROMISE.

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