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Sailor Moon Crystal to return with the Infinity Arc

I told myself I wouldn’t do this to myself. But I can’t help it. I’m just a fool.

That’s right, I’m excited about the next season of Sailor Moon Crystal, subtitled “SEASON III” (genius). As much as I took against Sailor Moon Crystal the first time, the knowledge that there’s a new director, new character designs, and Sailor “I’m a Fuck You Up” Uranus has me in something of a stunned appreciation.

The Infinity Arc is arguably the best manga arc of the lot. I really hope they do this one justice, and I’ll walk into the new anime adaptation with my head held high. If it’s rubbish then BRING IT, I’ve got vitriol to spare.


But gosh, take a look at that artwork below. Muuuuuch better than the weird pouty fragility of the previous design. And my girls Uranus, Neptune and Saturn all rocking those Talismans. Great evil look on Saturn’s face, too.

As for the staff line-up, all the voice actors are confirmed to return, with Kotono Mitsuishi reprising her role as Usagi / Sailor Moon once more. The Seiyuu for Uranus, Neptune and Saturn should be confirmed fairly soon.

The directorship has been given to Chiaki Kon, an actual woman and everything. Her previous credits are character-focussed, so hopefully she’ll breathe fresh air into the show. Akira Takahashi has taken over the character designs, hence the revamped look. He’s worked on a heck of a lot, everything from Precure! (a saccharine pink mess) to Hellsing: Ultimate (stupid bloody vampiric fun).

More information on Season III should be revealed on 26th March 2016, as well as a “new project“, which I suspect might be the 2016 stage musical. For more Sailor Moon Crystal content, check out all my reviews of Season 1 and 2, as well as my 2-part podcast review on Transformation Sequence (subscribe today for the love of god).


Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc




  1. This is exactly my same reaction. I’m going to stay calm and collected after the disappointment of the first 2 seasons, yet when you see this you can’t help but squee!

    Undoubtedly you will do your best as always, to give cohesive and insightful reviews and where necessary, bring about its destruction in Saturns name. Looking forward to the ride.

  2. Oh, heavens they finally figured out how to draw Sailor Mars! Sailor Moon Crystal has pissed collectively in all the Cheerios of Mars fans around the world.
    (Admittedly, Mars still looks a little derpy in the second promo sketch, but maybe she just always IS a little derpy after all.)

  3. I’ve been away from the Sailor Moon fandom since finishing up Super S and the first 7 or so episodes of Stars — everything I’ve read about the Galaxia arc of Stars makes me cringe — but there’s something findamentally different about this, just from the promo art.

    First off, the art style is much more evocative as opposed to the first couple seasons of Crystal. The characters look more like individuals, with their own personalities — enthusiastic Venus and regal Mars, shy mercury and tough Jupiter.

    Even the new Senshi are giving off personaliy vibes right off the bat: fuck-your-shit up Uranus (!!!) and guarded but flirtatious Neptune (!!!), and is that…are they…

    Holy shit they’re acknowledging Sailor Saturn’s existence.

    HOLY SHIT. SAILOR SATURN. I can’t NOT be excited for this now!

    • Yaaay you’re back. Yeah the Galaxia stuff is pretty poor, but a lot of people love it so it may be that we differ on that. Seriously though, it’s objectively bad. The Starlights can get fuuuuuucked.

      I’m really hoping this promo pic is reflected not only in the art, but in the direction and script. The new director I’m digging, but the the person making the screenplay is the same as last series. So, yeah, ambivalence.

      • They’ve started airing Sailor Stars on Hulu, for anybody in a country with rights to watch it. I was wondering why I’ve disliked it all this time and, rewatching it, I’ve figured out one of the big reasons:

        Shadow Galactica are pretty much a rehash of the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Galaxia has a very similar dynamic with the Anima-mates. Only they manage to actually be less interesting about it. That’s pretty amazing when you consider that Sailor Iron Mouse’s counterpart would be Jadeite, who somehow manages to come across as more fascinating by comprason,. The Anima-mates are also pretty incompetent- they never find any success a all. Towards the end of Sailor Stars, one wonders why Galaxia utilized them at all since she’s pretty effective when she can be bothered to get her ass off her throne. Unfortunately, she’s pretty dull when it comes right down it. She doesn’t have Beryl’s creepy obsession with Mamoru, Dimande’s creepy obsession with Usagi, Prof. Tomoe’s irreverence (and weirdly jovial relationship with his underlings), or the Dead Moon Circus’s obsession with youth.

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