I first became acquainted with the classical magical-girl anime Sailor Moon at around 10 or 11. A little old, perhaps, to be interested in a cartoon about a teenage girl who transforms into the “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon”, but it was around the time I was beginning to become obsessed with everything Japanese. As the internet took form in the general public, my insatiable need to consume every piece of information regarding Sailor Moon was fed, but it was piecemeal, like drops of kerosene onto a fire.

I begun to collect artistic Sailor Moon desk-top backgrounds, familiarised myself with the basics of the Japanese language, investigated anime in general. I discovered a plain-text website which had scene-by-scene descriptions of every single episode of Sailor Moon ever aired. For one mad summer, I read them all, well into the night, often till dawn. It was an illicit thrill, like literary and sexless pornography. I was addicted. It was sad.

Oh yeah, I should mention I’m a dude. You can imagine that I kept my Sailor Moon fanaticism pretty quiet. I didn’t. If you knew me, you probably knew me as… you know, that guy.

Yeah, this is the guy I’m talking about

And here’s the thing – I had never seen an episode. The closest I had gotten was dubious websites offering 7-second clips of, let’s say, the Sailor Senshi using a magical attack, or speaking horrendous English, or a vacuum cleaner turning into a monster. The downloads would take hours -HOURS- on the dial-up modems of the late-90s, and god forbid if your session timed out and you had to restart the whole fucking thing. All for a couple of lousy clips. There was something seriously wrong with me.

You just couldn’t get anime in the UK at the time. Perhaps that is what made Sailor Moon so alluring to me – it seemed forever out of my grasp. Only those who have attempted to use mind-altering substances to gain enlightenment can understand my emotional state at that age. Good lord I sound like I had fetal-alcohol syndrome or something.

I was finally united with my long-distance love that I had met over the internet at the age of 15, when this thing called eBay crawled out of whatever hole it was conceived in, and I ordered every single episode of Bishojou no Senshi Sailormoon on DVD. Let me tell you – no one alive has ever spent more time fantasising about the attainment of material objects than I had before getting those DVDs. How could Sailor Moon have ever lived up to my juvenile expectations? It was a relationship doomed to failure from the start.

And here’s the thing: it was perfect. Perhaps it was a psychological complex I developed in order to prevent cognitive dissonance over what should have been a massive disappointment, but hey, if so, thanks brain, you gave me something beautiful.

I’m older now. I’m jaded, my life has suffered setbacks and heartaches (hey I’m writing a blog about Sailor Moon, of course I’m a fucking loser) but I thought it might be interesting to share my thoughts, episode by episode, to see if the show holds up. Let me share a part of my history, what made me the charming alcoholic I am today, though this blog.

I plan to review a couple of episodes a week, trying to discover what Sailor Moon can teach us about life in Japan in the 90s. Perhaps I’ll even find deep metaphysical truths hidden under Tuxedo Kamen’s top hat. Who knows? I really just want an excuse to visit the characters that I knew so well that it almost felt like they were my real friends.

There’s 200 episodes and 3 films of Sailor Moon to get through, so we’d better not dawdle on this solipsistic and rather pathetic piece of prose.

I hereby officially announce the Pretty Soldier Project! Now I say that out loud, it does sound a little Village-People-esque, doesn’t it…?

Yep, Definitely Village People.


  1. I went through your page and this is an awesome website! I used to addicted to Sailor Moon too and I’m a guy. It was like a love affair in this show while trying to protect the universe. The Japanese always do make the best classic anime, they are very imaginative and creative.

    • Thanks! I think it’s a testament to the strength of the show that it got fans like us. Really appreciate your feedback!

  2. Hello,
    Was wondering if you are going to do reviews for Sailor Moon Seasons 4 and 5? I just discovered your site here, and I have learned so much from your perspective on the episodes. Some of those captions you write beneath the screenshots are down-right hilarious! I literally laugh out loud! If I hadn’t seen the episodes, I’d swear your captions are what is really happening in those screenshots! Sailor Moon says, “Thanks for your great reviews, all the time and thought you’ve spent putting into them, and the laughs!!!”

    • Gosh, that’s so nice of you!
      I will be doing reviews of seasons 4 & 5, but it’ll take some time to get around to. I’m averaging 2 to 3 reviews a week, not to mention Sailor Moon Crystal, the remaining movies, the manga and the Super Nintendo RPG, but I’m making progress.
      Stick around, I suppose.

      Seriously though, your feedback is incredibly important to me. Thanks for helping make this all worth while.


      • Hello Vincent!
        I can’t wait to read your reviews on SuperS, Stars, and the S Movie! I am still reading some of your summaries now. You make me laugh so much. Those comments that you make about Tuxedo Mask sometimes, oh man!!! LOL!!! Hilarious! I am from the United States, California to be precise, so I grew up watching the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon. There were many times when I watched an episode and couldn’t figure out what was going on the entire episode, and sometimes I could even tell when a scene had been cut out. Sailor Moon merchandise was extremely rare where I am from too, so sadly, my Sailor Moon Collection, is very small. When I did find something of Sailor Moon, it was usually far far too expensive to buy at the time.

        I think it’s remarkable that you are a guy, and love Sailor Moon so much! I must have been about 8 or 9 when I discovered Sailor Moon. It was a late summer afternoon when I was flipping through the TV channels, and Luna and Artemis caught my eye. I was addicted from that point on! I too, would spend many countless hours on the internet(which at the time, was just as you describe,) searching for pictures of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon fan web sites, sites with episode summaries, and even reading profiles on each Sailor Scout. At the time however, there weren’t nearly as many sites out there for Sailor Moon, as there are now.
        I sadly, grew up somewhat ashamed of liking Sailor Moon, and kept it a secret. Someone from my school eventually learned my favorite show was Sailor Moon! Apparently, if you liked Sailor Moon, you were a complete loser, and would get your butt kicked for liking it. I in turn, ended up with no friends because of that, and never said anything about it again. And I am a girl!
        Now that I am older, I can’t for the life of me figure out what the big deal was with liking the show, nor, do I really care anymore. I love Sailor Moon, always have, always, will!!!

        I am looking forward to reading more of you thoughts and comments on the show!

        P.S. I was also curious, have you ever seen P.G.S.M.?


      • Hi Samantha!

        Really glad to know that we’re able to enjoy being fans of Sailor Moon without judgement! It sounds like your experience fits pretty closely to mine. Kids suck, don’t they? These days my devotion to a 21-year-old shojou anime only serve to make me a hipster, apparently, which is something I can live with. I only ever get positive and supportive feedback, from wonderful people like yourself.

        I still recall fondly those lame HTML websites from the late 90s. So many hours I sunk into finding Sailor Moon images on dial-up internet.

        As for PGSM, I’ve never seen it. I had no plans too… something about a live-action version never appealed to me, but considering that I’m going for completeness on this blog, I think I may give them a go. I’d love to see the Sailor Moon musicals in Japan some day too!

        Once again, I really appreciate your feedback, it really does make this multi-year project worth it to see people with the same experiences with Sailor Moon visiting this site.


  3. Hey Vincent!

    Yes, I still wish though, I could have grown up with someone else who loved Sailor Moon as much as I me. I think it would have been twice as special to have shared the experiences with someone. And yes, yes, yes, kids suck!!! (Speaking from experiences!!!!!)

    I think another reason why I so enjoy reading your reviews is because I can relate to the way you grew up with it as well. I never had the privilege of knowing anyone who grew up with Sailor Moon, and loved it as much as I do. It’s also feels true that your experiences are so relative to mine. They way you write, reminds me quite a bit of myself, as I am quite sarcastic at times. Sometimes I feel that comes across in your summaries, though it is purely hilarious to me!

    And well, your not reminding me of nothing I don’t remember about the 90’s internet sites! This may seem hard for you to believe, but I have a whole computer hard drive with a total of 34,074 pictures of Sailor Moon! Everything ranging from screen caps, fan-arts, desktop wallpapers, etc! All these photos are sub-divided into 710 different folders. I still am saving photos to this day! I often sit and rename the pictures and am still trying to organize them to my liking. However, going through so many pictures, it is quite time consuming. This is how I stumbled upon your site, while I was investigating Sailor Moon screen caps. I guess I found your site sometime last week or so. I have a few screen caps of the scouts and Tuxedo Mask(Mr.Top Hat) as you once politely called him. I cannot for the life of me figure out which episode some of these screen caps are from. I am still searching. I have become somewhat side tracked lately though. I cannot stop reading your summaries. I laugh so much sometimes…and believe me, I need to!

    Anyways, I would like to also take the time to influence you to watch the PGSM show. I forewarn you that, YES, it seems a little cheesy and maybe even corny at first! At first let me tell you, just at first! I am much like you, in that I overall prefer the anime Sailor Moon. I grew up with the anime and will always have a genuine love for it! Not even the new Crystal anime can replace the original Sailor Moon for me, but when I began watching the PGSM, I forced myself to watch the first 3 or 4 episodes. Then, I became hooked! I admittedly laughed at the graphics at first, but the story itself is where it will win you over. If you watch it, I can only suggest that you keep in mind what I did while watching it, for back in the day when it was created, these graphics were as high tech as it could get. Also, these are real girls, running around, trying not to skin their knees or twist their ankles in high heels while flipping through the air. Beats the crap out of what I could do!

    Just in case you really don’t like it though, there is a Sailor Moon site that you can download up to 5 episodes a day for free. (This is the site: http://queenserenity.org/pgsm.php) This is where I got them from to watch. They are 100% safe to download, and completely free. The quality may not be the greatest, but it is watchable. Once I got past the first 5 episodes, I seriously couldn’t wait to watch more. It really gets better the further it goes. I earned a great love and deep respect for each of the girls, each in a different way. Their stories are so personal and deep, I instantly loved it. I really think you’ll like it, but you won’t like it in the same way you do the anime. I like the Manga, but just not the same way I do the anime either. I think you get what I mean though.

    Anyways, Vincent, I apologize for rambling so, I’m just a lonely loser who enjoys Sailor Moon a lot, and your site, it passes the time for me. Believe me, I seriously need the laughs!


    • You’ve convinced me that I need to watch PGSM as part of this blog! Cheers, will keep an open mind to it.

      I’ll do my best to continue entertaining you. And hey, there’s no need to be lonely SM fans in 2014. There’s enough of us online these days!

      Thanks for the support,

  4. Hey Vincent,

    Yay, your convinced! I’d like to hear what you think after you have watched at least the first few episodes, and if you like it enough to continue watching all of them!

    I know, according to a well-known Sailor Moon site, (www.moonkitty.net,) were Moonies! So, I guess that’s what we call ourselves!

    Look forward to your thoughts on PGSM, and do be honest, as you always are Vincent. I love your honest opinions, especially about Tux!!! I’d swear you hate that guy! LOL!!!!!!


  5. Hello Vincent,

    Was curious if you have been able to watch any of the PGSM episodes yet, and if so, what you think of them? Also, how far along are you on your Sailor Moon episode reviews now? Hope you are doing well!


    • Hi Samantha,

      Will have some time to watch PGSM this weekend, let you know how it goes! Currently finishing up 3:15 this moment, slow progress though.

      I’m very well thanks, always in a good mood when I blog! Hope you’re well too.


      • Hello Mr.Vincent!
        I hope you week has been going good! I am just curious as a kitten as to whether you were able to watch some of the PGSM yet??? I really look forward to your thoughts and comments on ALL forms of Sailor Moon!

      • Hi Samantha!
        I’ve been terrible, I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet! But I’ll definitely watch tonight and let you know :)

      • Hi Samantha,

        OK, so I’ve just watched PGSM… and I was completely shocked by my response. I’m rather cynical, so I expected to hate it… and I did. For the first 5 minutes.

        And then I TOTALLY got into it. It was weird.

        I think the moment I got it was when the stuffed toy Luna fell from the sky. It was so absurd, so childish, so hilarious, that I realised that the show isn’t trying to be anything more than an entertaining Power Rangers-type show for really young kids. I love how crappy everything is, the insert shots of the Luna stuffed animal moving into ancient CGI. Tuxedo Kamen’s eye mask is hilariously bad. But for me, I ended up finding it all really charming.

        I’m not going to say that I’m a fan, but gosh it was fun to watch with my sister and just laugh at everything. And hey – I liked the transformation sequences better than the ones in Sailor Moon Crystal!

        Cheers for suggesting it. I might very well get around to reviewing it at some point. I’m thinking between Super S and Stars.


  6. Hi

    I just recently found this site, and long thought I was the only guy in the UK slightly obsessed with Sailor Moon.. lo and behold my joy when I found out not only does the author write reviews with the exact reactions I had, most likely due to the peppering of British slang.. but he’s UK based. Awesome.

    I’ve been a fan of SM since about 2000 when they showed in on Fox Kids.. and as a 15 yr old boy at the time, I had no idea how much I got into it, I also found a html website and read all the eps, didn’t even finish the anime til a few years ago, then when PGSM started airing when I was in Uni I’d be that weird guy in the library learning how to torrent so I could download new episodes >_< I Really enjoy your reviews of all the stuff.. but seeing as I haven't read the R and S Manga I really enjoyed your Black Moon manga synopsis.

    It's so annoying that the UK get shafted with most things Sailor Moon related so we're constantly buying imports like the blu-rays etc. Literally nobody I know has an idea of SM so it's kind of my dirty secret, I'm like Anne Frank in the attic only instead of writing my diary and fearing for my life I'm intensely focused on a show where chocolate parfaits equate to death. Anyway.. yeah, so keep doing what you're doing, unashamedly. You might call yourself 'that loser guy' but you're not alone.

    Now I'm going to go reflect on my slight "single white female" moment and pretend I didn't just fanboy like a twat.


  7. Greetings Vincent,

    First off, I am not really all over this particular anime.
    I watched the german dubbed version, when I was a child around your age. Back then, it had something magical…something that appealed to me. I can’t tell what it was, but it was there. It may have very well been the first anime I ever watched. Hardly did I know what the word anime meant when I was younger and I did not care for it. Nonetheless, I watched it. Secretly, not telling a soul of it. “Sailor Moon is for girls”, did they say back then. This might have ultimatly been the trigger, that forced me out of watching it.

    Years passed, I grew up and this certain anime got pushed more and more into the void. The fact that german TV did not air it for long, might have factored into that, as well.

    Nonetheless, the reason why I decided to put a comment on this blog… well, first of I felt like leaving my mark here. Selfish, right? Secondly, I wanted to give you at least one thumbs up, for being able to be so passionate about something.

    It is something, I feel like I am unable to do. Even though I want to pour my heart and soul into something…. it does not seem to happen. That is why I seek out passionate people like you, to see where it all comes from. Not that I don’t already know you for a bit…haha.

    I like quite a few things, playing games, spending time with my boyfriend, writing small poems… I try to be passionate about those things and more… especially when it comes to love. Is it bad that I can’t be fully passionate during the early stages? Or to put it more general, where do you think true passion comes from? When do you think you reach the point of true passion?

    I know, that I am just rambling on and on about things that do not even fully relate to the subject of this blog itself. So I’ll stop.

    Even if you decide not to answer, I thank you in advance for reading everything so far.

    And since I should voice at least one blog related question here…hm…

    Is it possible to catch up with the Pretty Soldier, even if I had to start from the very beginning?

    Best regards,

    ~Hope vs. Despair, Komaeda.

    P.S. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out who I actually am, right?

    • I’ll avoid going into too much of a psychological and philosophical discourse on the nature of passion, but passion has always come naturally to me, so much so that I spend more energy curbing it and trying to rein it in. Everything excites me, positively or negatively, whether it be early 90s Japanese magical girl anime, politics, religion, sex, feminism, art, music even the weather.

      I’m not even joking about that last one, I actually spent several months reading about cloud formations and carried around a guide to classifying different cloud types. For about 2 years I took photos of any interesting or aesthetically-pleasing cloud formations and posted them on social media. I found it exhilarating.

      As to where this passion comes from? It’s probably biological. Who knows how one neuron network will differ from another with an extra squirt of Epinephrine? Any post-hoc justification will necessarily be me looking to justify why I get so obsessive and passionate about things. That being said…

      I find the universe fascinating. Physics, chemistry, maths, biology, it all describes a beautiful, complex and ultimately disordered existence. In the impregnable expanse of the universe, across a stretch of time so unfathomable, with all the possible perturbations of electron spins and strange quarks colliding, in a remarkable unbroken chain of a chemical process that has miraculously created life, humans are able to think, to reason, to create pieces of art, telephones, hamburgers and toothbrushes.

      I find unlikeness and rarity of the world around us so cherishable that it’s worth getting animated about, both the good and the bad.

      That being said, I’m still a cold-blooded Englishman at heart, and remain mostly reserved. The passion is mostly behind doors.

      As for love, hey, passion can be the result of choices you make. I think you might find this article interesting on that point… http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/11/fashion/modern-love-to-fall-in-love-with-anyone-do-this.html

      Thanks for reading my rambling response to your ramble, Noz.

      …As for the actual blog-related question, I think it’s entirely possible to get into Sailor Moon, even this late. The first series is long, with plenty of filler, but go in watching the original Japanese, knowing that it’s a product of its time, knowing that it’s a snapshot of early 90s Japan, and it begins to get exceedingly interesting. Better still, when the story begins to develop, I hope you’ll be utterly hooked with how beautiful, joyous and bitter-sweet it can be at time.

      Give it a go. I think you’ll like it. Maybe one day you’ll even be passionate about it.


      • Heh.

        I shall try to form this reply, as short as possible.

        Even though you say, you keep your passion behind bars, it gives me hope, that I can one day see things with improved eyes.
        Might as well get real Ironworks Optics, could help.

        In any case, the link you provided me gave me more insight into love and matters of the heart and brain when it comes to it. For that, I thank you.

        Further on, I come to realize that I am a human being who seems to mostly be able to show devotion and less passion about specific topics.

        Although, devotion could be considered the next step after passion, I seem to skip the latter.

        In any case, thank you again for sharing your way of thinking.
        Even though humanity will eventually doom itself with its passion, I might give it a go and see, if I can be a part of it.


        P.S. Hamburgers are indeed one of the greatest invetions humanity has ever created and I am not even joking this time.

    • I do bring up some potentially NSFW subjects if you’re using a public/school/work filter, but will double check Firefox. Cheers for bringing this to my attention!

  8. Pleased to meet you Vincent. I’m a male Sailor Moon fan also.
    Love your site very much.

    If you’re interested I have a project of my own I’m working on. It’s a fanfiction alternate take on Sailor Moon adapting each episode with surprising twists and changes. It’s based upon the Dic dub I grew up with so my first book is only 40 chapters covering Season 1 as Dic used the episodes, but I plan to adapt the “lost episodes” eventually as stand alone stories with no continuity to my main story.

    You can read my take on the Classic Season via this link.

    I also have the 13 chapters done in my second book based upon the Doomtree arc at the besginning of R. I’m currently proof-reading and editing them, but here’s the link to it.

    Soon I’ll be working on the remainder of R. If you like my work please be sure to let me know what you think Vincent.

    Sincerely Martin.

  9. Gosh, just finished reading your reviews about the S season and dude, you made me laugh so freaking much! I just love your sarcastic, cynical comments throughout your reviews. They just make me feel less a “cynical arse” as you state it haha. Guess Sailor Moon gets us all. This anime is just so incredibly awesome , even I, being the female personification of pure sarcasm and unemotionality, turn into an emotional wreck by those gorgeous, disturbing figures (totally pointing at Minako and just every Daimohn/villain in S) and their interaction with each other.
    But for real now, the last few months for me, were so full of Sailor Moon. After following up my routine, as in watching Sailor Moon S and Stars and just everything else that had anything to do with Haruka & Michiru (yep, sooo in love with them, just can’t stop worshipping these two) and reading Fanfictions like a maniac, I somehow came across your site and, yeah, best coincidence ever. Hahaha there were so many times I had the exact same thoughts on scenes, characters, dialogues.. and your way of writing in general, so hilarious!
    So strange how ridiculously entertaining it can be to read some episodes you’ve watched just a couple weeks ago. Has actually been even more entertaining to have someone else other than myself commenting on the obvious madness some episodes are filled with and poor Tux’s lack of utility :D . And I have to say that your reviews often gave out a complete new angle of the developments in the series, it left me thinking on how onesided I eyed some things, (basically any psychoanalytic approaches).
    I will propably leave out Super S (the episodes are somehow filled with so much monotony, although the antagonists are pretty interesting..hmm) and get back to the reviews at Stars for some badass H&M action, but till then I still got the Infinity Arc, right?
    Well yeah, I terribly failed ,considering that I initally wanted to leave just a short feedback on your work, but I hope you somehow got my compliments and my deepest wish that you’d keep up your good work!


    • Thanks Mina, loved your short feedback, even if it turned into an essay ^-^

      SuperS I think I feel the same way as you. The few times I’ve watched it, it’s such a crash after Sailor Moon S. I’m going to try and see if watching an episode every few days instead of blitzing them all in one go will improve my opinion. Still, any problems I have with SuperS pale in comparison to my opinion of Stars… but we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?

      Once again, thanks so much, it’s comments like these that make this blog all worthwhile.


  10. Good day, my dear older foreign friend!
    I’m glad I can have a pleasure to write to you from the deepness of West Siberian taiga. Reason? It’s pretty obvious: the show. Sailor Moon is so popular around the world that I wouldn’t be surprised too much if I saw people writing here from Africa. How did I get to your site? That’s a question I’m trying to answer myself, as it’s really quite unusual for a russian boy to read an anime blog written by some guy from London.
    But heck, I am SO amused. I don’t even know if I am amused by the show or your blog more. To be honest, I can’t understand a good half of what you’re usually saying in a description of a usual episode (God save Google Translate), but I am really trying to. And if I get the meaning of some funny and – maybe, I’ve never been in England – typically British word structure (that you have a wont to use really often, I might add), then, as I’ve already said, I get SO amused.
    Thanks for your blog, Vincent. I am now only at the end of the first season, but I’m sure I’ll get further. Memories from my childhood about the next series’ plot are vague, but I dropped too deeply into this atmosphere and now have no chance to get back to the life without Sailor Moon. And without this blog, I suppose.
    I’m glad I met you, mate.
    Always yours,

    • Thanks, Vasily! That means a lot to me, I’m glad we’re able to connect over this show! Hope you can keep up with all my… Englishisms…


      • Yeah, these “Englishisms” (hey, I like the word now) are not that difficult to understand once I connect them with the context where you put them. So don’t pay too much attention to it, for me it’s just another chance to improve my English ;)

  11. I watched the first series when I was about 8 years old and fresh from discovering Pokemon and Digimon so I was just getting into the anime scene myself. And I fell in love, but because season one was the only part on TV, I was unaware that more existed outside of countless re-runs. Years later, when I had my self-proclaimed ‘Anime Renaissance’ at 14, I found out about the other three series and I really wanted to watch them but could never find the time until now. I’m now 21 and over halfway through R, having rewatched the original series to reintroduce myself to the story. And it was definitely worth the wait.

    (P.S. It’s nice to find another Brit on here!!)

    • ‘Anime Renaissance’, I like that. I suspect I’m going through another one of those at the moment, doing a weekly anime podcast kind of forces you to be a little more up-to-date then I have been over the last 15 years. Really glad you’re getting the full experience, rather jealous that you’ll get to experience Sailor Moon S for the first time. Let me know how you get on!

      (P.S. It’s hard being a Sailor Moon fan in the UK, so little is tailored to us in terms of digital and physical release. Always nice to have others to suffer alongside of.)

  12. Hello! My English is sooo bad, sorry D:

    Im a Guy too… I only have to say I like Sailor Moon too and I am totally identified with you… In my “young-hood” I dreamed sailor moon, I eated sailor moon… I had a enormous music library of Sailor Moon’s Song in my PC. Today, I am not the same guy of that time (some years ago…), I am in College but… Sailor Moon is always in my heart and… I LIKE IT, What the Hell!! XD (I Like others anime too…)

    Great website by the way… I Dont know English so much but… I Try to understand what you say (and Google is a friend too… but not much xD).

    My favorite senshi is Haruka (Sailor Uranus)… I Hope see her in “Sailor Moon Crystal”

    Greetings from Venezuela!!!

    PS 1: In Venezuela, Sailor Moon was broadcast in TV, every season (90’s and early 2000’s !!) with Mexican Dub XD and its nice. But Japanese is better.

    PS 2: I Played Sailor Moon Another Story for the first time 10 years ago, my “first” RPG… was Awesome!

    PS 3: Again, Sorry for my bad English!! :)

    • Great to hear from you! Your English is very good. Haruka is my number 2, but Makoto will always be the best for me. Thanks for visiting my website!

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