1:5 – A Monster’s Scent! Chanela Steals Love

Alternative Title: Usagi’s Little-Turd-Of A-Brother Is Also A Complete Pussy First Aired: 11th April 1992 Usagi’s little brother is terrified of cats, which is unfortunate since Luna has been accepted […]

1:4 – Usagi Will Teach You How To Lose Weight!

Alternative Title: Body Issues? LOSE WEIGHT, SAILOR FATTY First aired: 28th March 1992 Usagi is suffering from severe body dysmorphic disorder. Despite being obviously perfect (physically at least – her […]

Why the hell I’m doing this

I first became acquainted with the classical magical-girl anime Sailor Moon at around 10 or 11. A little old, perhaps, to be interested in a cartoon about a teenage girl […]