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Category: Housekeeping

I’m on holiday

Hiiiii so I’m totally on holiday right now, which explains the lack of posts. As it happens, I’m in Tokyo right now. It’s rather nice. Expect an update in a […]

Interview with Anne Lee of Shojo Power!

Asides from blogging about Sailor Moon, I’m also a host of the Transformation Sequence podcast, a weekly review of anime of all shapes and sizes. I’m a creature of habit […]

So I made a podcast…

Hi guys, You may have noticed that my post rate has dropped over the last 2 weeks. While a single massive multi-thousand word post a week is probably reasonable, I’ll […]

Hey, I’m on holiday

If you’re wondering where the updates are, I am currently on a little tour of Scandinavia. As I type this, I’m enjoying beer and pancake balls in a Danish cafe. […]

Housekeeping: Anticipation Edition

Just a couple of points to cover before we hit a period in time which I suspect will be rather frenetic. Sailor Moon Crystal airs 5th July 2014 on various platforms, […]

Sailor Moon Crystal news wrap-up

It’s been a rather revealing weekend for those keeping track of Sailor Moon Crystal updates. As details trickle out, one suspects the masterful hand of a PR department cruelly plotting how […]

Housecleaning: Reboot Edition

This has been quite a journey. 5 months it’s taken me to get through all 46 episodes of the original series of Sailor Moon. That’s been quite a commitment, especially […]