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Tag: Endymion


First Aired: 6th December 2014 Usagi is shocked when a man who resembles Mamoru begins working at the arcade. The problem is that his name, eyes and attitude are all […]

Act.10 – MOON

First Aired: 15th November 2014 Luna leads the Sailor Senshi to the Moon, and the ruins of the Silver Millennium, where they encounter all that remains of the long-dead Queen […]


First Aired: 1st November 2014 As Tuxedo Kamen┬álays mortally wounded, Sailor Moon’s overwhelming emotions break the seal upon the Silver Crystal, revealing the true Princess Serenity as herself. In the […]


First Aired: 5th July 2014 Tsukino Usagi is an ordinary 14 year old girl. She’s terrible at school, clumsy and a bit of a cry-baby, until the day she meets […]

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Alternative Title:┬áThe Jilted Ex-Boyfriend From Space First Aired: 5th December 1993 Fiore, a strange man from Mamoru’s past, seems intent on claiming Usagi’s boyfriend for himself with the help of […]