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Tag: feminism

Interview with Anne Lee of Shojo Power!

Asides from blogging about Sailor Moon, I’m also a host of the Transformation Sequence podcast, a weekly review of anime of all shapes and sizes. I’m a creature of habit […]

In Memoriam: Kaorinite, Dead in Red & Back in Black

Kaorinite is a strange beast. Initially dull, increasingly blank, occasionally acting as humorous straight-man for the Professor’s eccentricities, Kaorinite remains the only enemy to  have been killed off on-screen only […]


First Aired: 18th October 2014 Sailor V, Aino Minako reveals herself to be Sailor Venus, the final member of the Sailor Senshi. Not only that, but she is, in fact, […]


First Aired: 16th August 2014 When a princess of a faraway kingdom visits Tokyo with a priceless legendary diamond, Luna suspects that this might be the Princess that she and […]

2:39 – Saphir Dies! Wiseman’s Trap

Alternative Title: Guys, You Gave Away the Ending Again First Aired: 19th February 1994 Saphir’s snooping has finally paid off. After hearing Wiseman monologuing about “Death Phantom” and “stupid Dimande” […]