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Tag: fisticuffs


First Aired: 6th December 2014 Usagi is shocked when a man who resembles Mamoru begins working at the arcade. The problem is that his name, eyes and attitude are all […]


First Aired: 4th October 2014 With the revelation that long-time agitator is her beloved Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi is hesitant to inform her fellow Senshi, and is falling deeper in love […]

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Alternative Title: The Jilted Ex-Boyfriend From Space First Aired: 5th December 1993 Fiore, a strange man from Mamoru’s past, seems intent on claiming Usagi’s boyfriend for himself with the help of […]

2:33 – Terrifying Illusion! Ami All Alone

Alternative Title: I Would Have Preferred Serial Killer Ami First Aired: 8th January 1994 After Esmeraude begins attacking a cram school, a large number of students begin bullying Ami. Although Usagi’s […]