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Tag: In Memoriam

In Memoriam: The Witches 5, Toil & Trouble

The Witches 5 were an eclectic bunch. Their personalities, their motivations, their modus operendi, their colour schemes, their competency, each one of the Witches contrasted strongly with the others. There […]

In Memoriam: Eugeal, She Stole my Heart

  Eugeal is one of my favourite characters in Sailor Moon. Yes, she was chronically under-utilised, but in terms of personality, intelligence and class, she’s unmatched. She wasn’t granted a […]

In Memoriam: Ali & En, Cock-Up Kings

Ali & En may not have been the most threatening of enemies (above image not withstanding), but while they were mostly bumbling, unpleasant characters, they at least facilitated a focus of […]