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Tag: Kunzite

Sailor Moon: Another Story (Part 2)

We continue the series looking at the 1995 Super Nintendo RPG Sailor Moon: Another Story. Catch up on Part 1 and join us as formerly-defeated monsters have come back to life! Also Ami […]

Sailor Moon: Another Story (Part 1)

We begin a series of posts on the 1995 Super Nintendo RPG Sailor Moon: Another Story. A genuinely compelling story and brilliant character writing mixes with a mediocre design riffing […]

Act.10 – MOON

First Aired: 15th November 2014 Luna leads the Sailor Senshi to the Moon, and the ruins of the Silver Millennium, where they encounter all that remains of the long-dead Queen […]


First Aired: 1st November 2014 As Tuxedo Kamen lays mortally wounded, Sailor Moon’s overwhelming emotions break the seal upon the Silver Crystal, revealing the true Princess Serenity as herself. In the […]


First Aired: 18th October 2014 Sailor V, Aino Minako reveals herself to be Sailor Venus, the final member of the Sailor Senshi. Not only that, but she is, in fact, […]


First Aired: 16th August 2014 When a princess of a faraway kingdom visits Tokyo with a priceless legendary diamond, Luna suspects that this might be the Princess that she and […]