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Tag: Moon Healing Escalation


First Aired: 8th March 2015 As parts of Chibi-Usa’s experiences become more clear to Mamoru, the Black Moon continue their campaign against the Sailor Senshi. Petz, the eldest of the […]


First Aired: 6th December 2014 Usagi is shocked when a man who resembles Mamoru begins working at the arcade. The problem is that his name, eyes and attitude are all […]

Act.10 – MOON

First Aired: 15th November 2014 Luna leads the Sailor Senshi to the Moon, and the ruins of the Silver Millennium, where they encounter all that remains of the long-dead Queen […]


First Aired: 18th October 2014 Sailor V, Aino Minako reveals herself to be Sailor Venus, the final member of the Sailor Senshi. Not only that, but she is, in fact, […]


First Aired: 20th September 2014 Usagi has been made leader of the Sailor Senshi, but she lacks self-confidence – even more so when Tuxedo Kamen makes a statement to all […]

1:30 – Grandpa Goes Crazy! Rei’s in Jeopardy

Alternative Title: So That’s Why Rei’s Psychic… She’s Demon-Spawn First Aired: 31st October 1992 Rei’s pervert Shinto priest grandfather is attacked by Zoisite, but the old man’s psychic powers are […]