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Tag: Sailor Mercury


First aired: 16th May 2015   Usagi remains trapped on Nemesis, with the Black Moon’s headquarters. Increasingly terrified of her psychotic hosts, she searches for the location of her kidnapped […]

Sailor Moon: Another Story (Part 3)

We continue the series looking at the 1995 Super Nintendo RPG Sailor Moon: Another Story. Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 and join us as the Inner Senshi jet-set around the world looking […]


First aired: 21st February 2015 As Usagi becomes increasingly suspicious and paranoid about Chibi-Usa, the Black Moon continue their assault. Berthier, with powers of water, decides to remove Sailor Mercury, […]


First Aired: 19th July 2014 Luna reveals to Usagi that there are other Sailor Senshi waiting to be awoken. She is currently monitoring her first potential Senshi-in-waiting, the lonely genius Mizuno […]

Sailor Moon R Wrap-Up

Let’s finish off Sailor Moon R in style, with a look-back at what made the series so good. With all the best, all the worst, all the totally freakin’ weird moments. […]

2:33 – Terrifying Illusion! Ami All Alone

Alternative Title: I Would Have Preferred Serial Killer Ami First Aired: 8th January 1994 After Esmeraude begins attacking a cram school, a large number of students begin bullying Ami. Although Usagi’s […]

Sailor Moon Crystal news wrap-up

It’s been a rather revealing weekend for those keeping track of Sailor Moon Crystal updates. As details trickle out, one suspects the masterful hand of a PR department cruelly plotting how […]