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Tag: Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Alternative Title: The Jilted Ex-Boyfriend From Space First Aired: 5th December 1993 Fiore, a strange man from Mamoru’s past, seems intent on claiming Usagi’s boyfriend for himself with the help of […]

Sailor Moon R Wrap-Up

Let’s finish off Sailor Moon R in style, with a look-back at what made the series so good. With all the best, all the worst, all the totally freakin’ weird moments. […]

Housekeeping: Anticipation Edition

Just a couple of points to cover before we hit a period in time which I suspect will be rather frenetic. Sailor Moon Crystal airs 5th July 2014 on various platforms, […]

Housecleaning: Reboot Edition

This has been quite a journey. 5 months it’s taken me to get through all 46 episodes of the original series of Sailor Moon. That’s been quite a commitment, especially […]