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Tag: Season 2 – Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Alternative Title: The Jilted Ex-Boyfriend From Space First Aired: 5th December 1993 Fiore, a strange man from Mamoru’s past, seems intent on claiming Usagi’s boyfriend for himself with the help of […]

Sailor Moon R Wrap-Up

Let’s finish off Sailor Moon R in style, with a look-back at what made the series so good. With all the best, all the worst, all the totally freakin’ weird moments. […]

Housekeeping: Anticipation Edition

Just a couple of points to cover before we hit a period in time which I suspect will be rather frenetic. Sailor Moon Crystal airs 5th July 2014 on various platforms, […]

In Memoriam: Dimande & Saphir, Brocest

Prince Dimande and his younger brother were about as different as you could get. Although they claimed to have had the same motivations, they never seemed to quite agree on anything. Saphir […]

The Fourth Opening: Perfect Timing

It’s about time that I got around to picking apart the fourth Sailor Moon opening. This is the second one for Sailor Moon R, and it might just be my […]